Fortune Telling?

When I’m trying to explain the differences my simple definitions are.
Fortune Telling – The reading is going to tell you something that will be happening in the future.

It is linear & respects time. Leans toward fate. No faith/belief necessary.
Divination – The reading is going to tell you what is the energy behind/surrounding what is happening, and the direction it is heading, with suggestions & possible directions forward.

Its more circular & time is a concept. Leans toward free will. Needs faith/belief.

Tarot Coaching – You’ll be asked questions based on the cards that will allow you to work out/through an issue. Card selection isn’t always random.
It’s a dot and deals with the moment. Leans toward current reality. No faith/belief necessary.

I totally agree on the psychic label while at the same time acknowledge intuition is a child of psychic ability.

All of these have value. I’ve done all of them. I started with fortune telling, then did coaching, and now use divination the most. Of course readings can & do include all 3.

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